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My exotic new friend

I was visiting a friend. He allowed me to photograph his pet. Which I was very happy about. Now some information about these animals.

Bearded Agamas or Bearded Dragons is the popular name for the Australian Reptile Pogona, consisting of seven species. The name of the genus is the result of the characteristic neck pouch that swells or becomes black in danger or during the marital period. It resembles a beard against the background color of the reptile.

The genus is part of the Agamami subfamily of the Agamovi family. Typical of these are needle-ending flakes, placed in rows and bundles. Such scales have a throat that swell when they feel endangered, as well as the back of the head. Although not particularly sharp, the Agama beard uses these needle flakes to scare off its attackers. The bearded agamas also use characteristic gestures similar to hand-swinging and bow to the head, showing to one another the obedience. They are able to change their color during the rivalry between males during mating, as well as in response to temperature changes and other incentives. For example, they can change their color to black to better absorb sunlight.

The size increases to about 30 – 45 cm. They have broad, triangular heads and flattened bodies, adults reach about 40 – 60 cm along with tail and weight of 350 – 600 g.

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  1. This is one pet I would love to own. I have researched them, after falling in love with one that was brought to the humane society. A man was in his kitchen making breakfast, it was snowing outside and he heard this scratch at the door. He thought it was maybe a tree branch or limb blowing in the wind outside, but when it kept scratching he made his way to the door, opened it and in walks this full grown bearded dragon. He knew nothing about them, so turned it in to the shelter. They must be super smart.

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