August 26 is Happy International Dog Day

Monday, August 26, 2019

While on Facebook page, someone mentioned that today is International Dog Day. How will you celebrate? My late dogs are in heaven. I might just play with other people’s dogs when I go on my walk.

I went for a walk after 7 pm, but I didn’t seen any dogs walking my way. I just lounged at the UTC shopping area reading my Westway magazine and trying to do the crossword puzzle. I realized I need to go home and do some cheating for the puzzle answers. I like looking up words in those crossword puzzle dictionaries. It is also a good exercise for my aging brain. It reminds me of similar words, which will likely help me with my writing as I need to think of the right word. 

I added a snapshot from a recent walking meetup. A woman dressed up her dog as a hiker. He looks cute, wearing a t-shirt, utilitarian pack, and doggien hiking boots. He looks trendy and fashionable, modeling his hiking outfit.


What do you think?


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