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A heroic dog assists his owner to escape the Cam Fire

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Who says that dogs cannot be useful in assisting their owners escape from a dangerous situation like in the infamous Camp Fire that has wiped out the city of Paradise in California?

A male dog named Samson is credited for assisting his owner (pictured above) to find a way to evacuate from a burning home in Paradise to find an escape route for both parties.

When the owner of Samson wanted to go an escape route from his burning home to safety, Samson who is a very clever dog by pulling his owner in a different direction according to a social media report from the North Valley Disaster Group or (NVDSG) which is the animal shelter in the Camp Fire region.

It was a good thing that Samson’s owner obeyed the desires of his best friend by following Samson away from the original path since there was a downed power line in the path which was the intended route that Samson’s owner was going to take.

A downed power line is one of the most dangerous element for any auto or person to attempt to go through since touching a downed power line usually leads to the person getting electrocuted.

The image of the owner hugging Samson which made the rounds on Facebook was taken at the Chico Airport Animal Shelter.

All I can say is “Three cheers for Samson the hero dog.”


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  1. It is no wonder that dogs are man’s best friend. They are loyal, friendly, trustworthy and all around great companions. This dog was the epithome of all just like the one who assisted his blind owner from the burning towers on 9/11. (Sorry I do not remember his name). Samson wears his name very well, strong and knowledgeable. Hourray for you Samson and your owner. You are one of the best. Great story DPZ. I had not seen it before on social media. Thank you for sharing it here on Virily.

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