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A cat owner cries tears of joy when he reunites with his cat in Malibu

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Even though the fire in the Malibu region in California has destroyed homes that are owned be either celebrities and an average citizen, there have been some great stories in the region.

Case in point is Hamish Patterson who lost his home in the California fire that is now a history note as of Sunday when the rains came and put out the fire.

Hamish was very sad that his pet cat Mike who did escape dying in the home of his owner by hiding out in the hills for nine days before Mike was able to reunite with his owner.

Hamish was very thankful for the prayer warriors for were praying that his cat would be found safe and sound when Mike managed to survive by staying in the mountains.

I am sure Mike was able to find food from either from one of the first responders during his stay in the mountains.

When Mike reunited with his owner, Hamish was moved to tears of joy since losing his home was tragic enough. Losing the love of his life would have been an extremely harsh blow to him personally.

Prayer does work when you need help from the Lord who cares for humans as well as animals during our trials in this spiritual boot camp called life.


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