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Which Monochromatic Color Best Fits Your Personality?

Thursday, 1.17.19

In the Winter 2019 issue of California Style Magazine, I picked out 7 different Monochromatic Color styles for different personalities. The colors include blues, teal, yellow, orange, white, sunset pinks, greens, and yellows.  I put together a 10-question quiz to match the monochromatic color to your personality.

  • Question of

    What are your favorite shoes for this winter 2019?

    • Designer white sneakers; White booties
    • Bare Feet
    • Baroque slippers with gold design; Gold liquid knee-high boots
    • Olive green snowshoes look interesting, but I don’t have a use for it in southern California; Pleather sneakers in olive green; Plush evergreen slippers look comfy and soft
    • Hiking boots; A graphic orange shades booties
    • Max Mara lace up heels in teal; Denim teal espadrilles with silver spiked buttons.
    • Track sneakers in blue shades
  • Question of

    Choice of Drug?

    • Martini drinks
    • Fuck Drugs! I prefer water in self-cleaning bottle
    • Rum 88 inside your Flask
    • Marijuana because you have a green thumb
    • Whiskey Cocktail drinks
    • Tequila bottle
    • Coffee or Cacao
  • Question of

    Favorite Movie?

    • Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey
    • Blue Lagoon and Grease
    • Bollywood Movie
    • Wizard of Oz and Rosemary’s Baby
    • Motorcycle Diaries and Woodstock
    • Aquaman
    • Alive and Heidi
  • Question of

    Favorite Hangout?

    • Virtual Reality headset, M5 Speaker, Eye Mask, and waterbed
    • Sandy beach and coast during sunset
    • Inside Illuminati Golden Pyramid
    • Jungle or Forest or Emerald City
    • Hiking Trails
    • Ocean in Mexico
    • Hangouts include coffee shop, terrain parks, inn, organic bakery, small town with big lakes
  • Question of

    Dream Destination?

    • The Moon
    • Lighthouse
    • Time Machine to travel to the past
    • Emerald City and Rabbit Hole
    • Ireland–Only to own your own Whiskey brewery
    • Age of Aquarius
    • Mountain Retreat Spa
  • Question of

    Favorite Winter 2019 outfit

    • Silver sequin mini dress, worn with silver strappy high-heel shoes and silver small purse. Long-sleeve white mini dress with turtleneck is in a mesh, macramé, or fishnet texture. Off-white track suit with huge pockets on the sides of the pants. The pants look like cargo pants. White tailored jacket looks modern and kind of long because it looks more like a lab jacket. Silver puffy coat with hoodie and White knit beanie with a huge white pompom on top.
    • Long and loose pink dress; Pink pantsuit with a pale pink shirt as well as a dark pink belt and shoes; Floral shorts in Sunset Pink shades
    • Kaia Gerber models a monochromatic yellow outfit from head to toe. Like her mother on the cover, she is also wearing a long skirt over pants. Velvet wide pants or culottes; Golden Yellow hat with an orange-yellow band
    • Green iridescent clear fringe dress, with sheer and green shirt worn as an overcoat. The dress shines and glitters like the fucking Emerald City of that stupid MK-Ultra movie. The model has a very short blonde pixie hairstyle with dark 60s eyelashes and eye makeup, which actually reminds me of the Mia Farrow character in Rosemary’s Baby. High-waisted green pants with some regal or royalty symbol design. It looks like baroque.
    • Quilted velvet bomber jacket in shiny orange; Orange trench coat, orange drawstring shorts, and orange flats. A traditional wool plaid coat in orange and brown plaid. Macramé/knit/loomed clothes in orange—romper shorts and short cardigan, worn with orange knee-high boots and woven beaded belt. Pajamas with orange flowers
    • Giorgio Armani Aquamarine/Teal midcalf and bodice dress, which looks like it was made for an underwater Aquarius mermaid goddess. The model holds a boxy turquoise clutch, and she wears turquoise high-heel shoes. Velvet Teal Blazer
    • Ski pants in light blue, puffy jacket in deep blue, ski sweater in blue shades, Oakley Pop Glasses for skiing and snowboarding, simple blue beanie, Velvet blue pants, angular skirt in blue shades, track jacket with zipper in blue shades; track suit in blue shades.
  • Question of

    Favorite Jewelry?

    • A moonstone ring with a large white stone, silver band, and diamond studs on the band.
    • Opal diamond drop earrings looks so 90s, but it is modernized with a soft pink opal stone as well as a bright and bold deep pink gem that looks like it’s on fire; Silver ring with gems in sunset pink shades; Designer Keychain; Sunglasses with crystal clear pinkish frame and rose or pink lens; PXV goggles—I guess this is for skiing and snowboarding.
    • Gold bangle with diamond gems; Soft yellow ring with diamonds and gold star design; Sunglasses with gold frames and golden yellow lens
    • Brocade bracelet with emeralds looks quite lovely; Emerald and diamonds bib-necklace looks nice, especially with the matching brocade bracelet.
    • Hermes Apple Watch with orange double band. The watch also has an orange face.
    • Yacht Club watch with a teal band; Aquamarine necklace has dainty aquamarine-colored stones on a fine gold chain. It looks sweet. Large oval ring with sapphire gem and diamond studs. Tiffanys aquamarine and diamond gems earrings.
    • A huge ring that looks like ET because of two bulging gem eyes in blue shades. One side gem is in purple, which looks like a 3rd Eye; Eye shadow palette in ultraviolet shades and Royal blue hoop earrings
  • Question of

    Makeup, Skincare & Other Must-Haves?

    • Silver carry-on case looks like an outer space suitcase for traveling lightly to the moon; white tote bag; Small white purse with huge and chunky plastic chain handle. Travel mug for people on the go. It has a lid; Sunblock, Chapstick and Lotions.
    • Rose aroma handwash and Facial cream for soft facial skin.A charging bracelet band for your iPhone in rose gold, red candle, surfboard, astrology books. Small faded pink Chanel purse with chain handle. It has the classic Chanel quilted design as well as the new sunset pinks shades; Clutch in pink and shiny studs.
    • One-piece, long sleeve swimsuit with tribal design. Perfume, turntable with herringbone design, gold lamp, fannypack, and carryon suitcase
    • YSL purse has that quilted Chanel look with even the chain handle, but it is in green. Dark green tote bag; Dior purse looks vintage 50s style but with a moss-like texture; Emerald green print pumps look like a dark marble shades of green design; cushion, passport holder, green candle, cologne, urban jungle book.
    • Lotion for skin protection, iphone earplugs/case, D&G rubber purse, flats
    • Embroidered pillow, 3-speed bicycle, Lazy Susan, small pitcher, crossbody purse with furry texture
    • ceramic mug, Chanel purse in blue shades and white; Small Prada Baguette purse in royal blue; Small icy blue purse; Beaded nylon market purse; salt bath, water sleeping mask, snowboard, skis
  • Question of

    Favorite Sport?

    • Sleeping and Dreaming
    • Surfing, Sex, and Skateboarding, Swimming, Astronomy
    • Scuba Diving and Jet-Setting
    • Traveling to Fantasy Land, Disney Rides, Shopping in the Urban Jungle
    • Hiking, Looming, Walking, and Weaving
    • Swimming and Diving, Cycling:
    • Skiing, Snowboarding, Sledding, hiking, Walking, Ice Skating, Yoga


What do you think?

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