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Urdu Special – 18

Hello friends, bright sunny good morning . I am very happy that friends of virily are liking and participating on my quizzes of Urdu language. I will continue my efforts to facilitate the people who interested to learn this Language. I know numbers of friends from whole the world visting South Asia specially Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. They facing many problems due to not understanding the local language. So I trying to facilitate them.

My quizzes now are so simple and i covered the daily routine issues for the easy understanding to the interested friends.

Hopping  you will continue you participating and liking.

  • Question of

    What is the name of this town

    • Is qasby ka kia name hy
    • Is qasby main Kia hy
    • Is qasby ka rasta kon sa hy
  • Question of

    What is famous here?

    • Yahan kia mashoor hy
    • Yahan kion mashoor hy
    • Yahan kia hota hy
  • Question of

    I want to visit this town

    • Mujy ye qasba dekhna hy
    • Mujy ye qasba nai dekhna
    • Mujy is qasba ky bary main btana
  • Question of

    How many papulation of this town

    • Is qasba ky kitny ghar hain
    • Is qasba ki kitni abaadi hy
    • Is qasba ky log kasy hain
  • Question of

    Where is the main market of the town

    • Is qasba ka bara Bazar kider hy
    • Is qasba ka koi bara Bazar hy
    • Is qasba main kitny Bazar hain
  • Question of

    I want to purchase some fruit

    • Main nain kuch phal lany hain
    • Main nain kuch phal nai lany
    • Mujy phal achy nai lagty
  • Question of

    I want to purchase cloths

    • Mujy kuch jooty lany hain
    • Mujy kuch kapry lany hain
    • Mujy kuch nai lana
  • Question of

    I also want some books

    • Mujy kuch kitaben bi chahiy
    • Mujy kuch risaly bi chahiy
    • Mujy kuch nasal bi chahiy


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