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Hi friends . I want to say thanks to all of you very much because virily provide a platform to shere important subject with friends. Due to this platform I struggling to learn the subject language to friends. Also thanks of virily friends who response on my quizzes and participation.

As you know I am trying to learn Urdu to my friend who are interested in this field because  language of the different countries and area is a very important thank for the strangers. When you not now the language of the area where you want to go then you face planty of difficulties. How you ask to someone for the solution of your problems. So learning of language specially major language of a country is very essential. I here trying to learn Urdu for those who want to visit to the south Asia countries. I started from the very basic so anyone who interested to learn will easly understand. Thank you again.

  • Question of

    I will not go to office tomorrow

    • Main kal dafter nai jaoungi
    • Main kal dafter jaoungi
    • Main kal ghar per he hungi
  • Question of

    My father will come to my home tomorrow

    • Mary abbu kal mary ghar ayengy
    • Mary abbu kal mary ghar nai ayengy
    • Mary abbu kal mujy bulaengy
  • Question of

    Today was the rainy day

    • Aj barish ka din nai tha
    • Aj barish ka din tha
    • Aj barish hony wali the
  • Question of

    I will clean my home tomorrow

    • Kal main ghar ki safai krungi
    • Kal main ghar ki safai nai krungi
    • Kal main Bazar jaoungi
  • Question of

    My health is not good today

    • Mari tabiyt aj theek nai
    • Mari tabiyt aj theek hy
    • Mari tabiyt ko aj kuch nai
  • Question of

    I feel temperature today

    • Mujy aj bukhar hy
    • Mujy aj bukhar nai hy
    • Aj mujy sar dard hy
  • Question of

    I will wait you tomorrow

    • Main kal intizar krungi
    • Main kal intizar nai krungi
    • Main kal ajaoun gi
  • Question of

    You will be the chief guest

    • Ap mehman e khasosi hongy
    • Ap mehman e khasosi nai hongy
    • Ap mehman e khasosi ky sath hongy


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