Money is the unit to measure service and it is commensurate reward for service rendered. Some call it legal tender. The use of money is as old as recorded history.

In ancient times, human society used what was known as the barter system, where people exchange commodities for commodities with commensurate values as agreed by the society then.

Fast forward to this modern day, human race have developed into such sophistication in every spectrum of life, this is true of our monetary system. Civilisation comes with its own complexities as much as its simplicities.

In fairness, almost all, if not all, independently recognised governments of the world mark their sovereignty with their own unique nomenclature and units/denominations for their monetary system (I understand that the term “monetary system” covers a wider scope than being implied here, for the economists or financial experts, but I trust you understand the context in which its been used here.).

It is because of the foregoing that this quiz was birthed. We have more than 160 currencies in the world as at the time of this writing. So we are testing our knowledge of some of these currencies.

Come in

  • What is the name of Cameroon’s currency?

    • Central African franc
    • Africa franc
    • French franc
  • What is the name of Falkland Islands currency?

    • Falkland Islands dollars
    • Falkland Islands shillings
    • Falkland Islands pounds
  • What is the name of Georgia’s currency?

    • Georgia peso
    • Georgia krona
    • Georgia lari
  • What is the name of Guadeloupe’s currency?

    • Guadeloupe dollars
    • Euros
    • Guadeloupe Krona
  • What is the name of Myanmar’s currency?

    • Myanmar kyat
    • Myanmar rupee
    • Myanmar peso
  • What is the name of Nicaragua’s currency?

    • Nicaraguan sol
    • Nicaraguan Cordoba
    • United State dollar
  • What is the name of Pitcairn Islands curremcy?

    • New Zealand dollar
    • British pound
    • American dollar
  • What is the name of Qatar’s currency?

    • Qatar dinar
    • Qatar manat
    • Qatar riyal
  • What is the name of Seychelle’s currency?

    • Seychellois franc
    • Seychellois rupee
    • Seychellois dinar
  • What is the name of Turkey’s currency?

    • Turkish dinar
    • Turkish barht
    • Turkish lira
  • What is the name of Vietnam’s currency?

    • Vietnamese dong
    • Vietnamese rupee
    • Vietnamese dollar
  • What is the name of Uzbekistan’s currency?

    • Uzbekistani sol
    • Uzbekistani naira
    • Uzbekistani som

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