The Romans: a quiz

This quiz tests your knowledge of the Romans, an extraordinary civilization that started from one city in Italy and grew to become one of the greatest empires in World history – the longest-lasting if nothing else. Europeans can still see many remains of structures built by the Romans, and there are countless buildings throughout the world that were built on Roman models. Roman influence can be seen today in laws and constitutions that were modelled on Roman principles, and the fact that Christianity came to dominate the western world was due almost entirely to its adoption by Rome’s emperors.

So what do you know about Ancient Rome?

  • What relation was Augustus Caesar (Octavian) to Julius Caesar?

    • Son
    • Great-nephew
    • Grandson
    • No relation
  • The Roman town of Aquae Sulis, renowned for its heated waters, lay on the same site as which modern English city?

    • Bristol
    • Exeter
    • Bath
    • Gloucester
  • Who was the last of Rome’s seven kings?

    • Romulus
    • Numa Pomlilius
    • Tarquinius Superbus
    • Ancus Marcius
  • The Punic Wars were fought between Rome and which other city-state?

    • Athens
    • Byzantium
    • Alexandria
    • Carthage
  • Which land did the Romans call Hibernia?

    • Ireland
    • Scotland
    • Wales
    • France
  • Who was the Roman God of War?

    • Jupiter
    • Janus
    • Mars
    • Hercules
  • What was the Cloaca Maxima?

    • Rome’s city wall
    • The aqueduct that brought most of Rome’s water to the city
    • The road that linked Rome and Naples
    • Rome’s main drain
  • Which emperor began Rome’s conversion to Christianity?

    • Diocletian
    • Constantine
    • Aurelian
    • Theodosius
  • Which Roman poet wrote the “Aeniad”, which tells the story of Aeneas who supposedly fled from Troy and became the ancestor of the Romans?

    • Virgil
    • Ovid
    • Horace
    • Livy
  • Which emperor ordered a wall to be built across northern Britain – this was begun in 122 AD?

    • Claudius
    • Nero
    • Hadrian
    • Vespasian

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