The Bible: a quiz

The Bible is not just a “holy book” for Jews and Christians. It is also a major work of literature and has been used as a historical source for many centuries. How well do you know it? Here’s your chance to find out!

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    Which of these is not an Old Testament prophet?

    • Malachi
    • Philemon
    • Obadiah
    • Nahum
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    Which Old Testament book comes immediately after Jeremiah?

    • Lamentations
    • Daniel
    • Ecclesiastes
    • Isaiah
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    In which Old Testament book will you find the story of Samson and Delilah?

    • Numbers
    • Joshua
    • I Chronicles
    • Judges
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    Which of these is not a Synoptic Gospel?

    • Matthew
    • Mark
    • Luke
    • John
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    Which of these is not an Epistle written by Paul?

    • Titus
    • Romans
    • James
    • Colossians
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    According to tradition, who wrote the Book of Proverbs?

    • David
    • Solomon
    • Samuel
    • Elijah
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    Which book describes the return to Jerusalem from Babylon of the Judaean exiles?

    • Ezra
    • Ruth
    • II Samuel
    • II Kings
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    Which is the only book in the Bible that does not explicitly mention God?

    • Song of Solomon
    • Daniel
    • Esther
    • Romans
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    Which of these books has the most chapters?

    • Amos
    • Jude
    • Haggai
    • Jonah
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    Which of these books is not part of the Pentateuch/Torah?

    • Exodus
    • Joshua
    • Leviticus
    • Numbers


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