Test your Knowledge about Dogs Quiz

Are you a real dog expert ? Can you name all dog breeds just by seeing their photos ? Do you know which dog breed has a rat tail ?  Put your knowledge to the test ! Take this ultimate dog quiz to know how you do and compare your score to the others. Your comments are appreciated. 😉

  • Which dog breed is most likely to suffer from a corksrew tail ?

    • A boxer
    • A bulldog
    • A beagle
  • Which dog breed is mentioned in the bible ?

    • A greyhound
    • A pug
    • A chihuahua
  • Which dog breed whose evidence is legally admissible in some US courts ?

    • A doberman
    • A German shephered
    • A bloodhound
  • Which dog breed can’t bark ?

    • A samoyed
    • A basengi
    • A vallhund
  • What does the dog breed Corgi mean ?

    • A happy dog
    • A brave dog
    • A dwarf dog
  • What dog breed has six toes ?

    • A great dane
    • A norwegian lundehund
    • A airedale terrier
  • Which dog breed has a rat tail ?

    • A Airedale Terrier
    • A Golden Retreiver
    • An Irish Water Spaniel
  • Which dog breed is known as a grumble ?

    • A pug
    • A mastiff
    • A wolf

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Written by houda

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