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Synonyms quiz!

Hello there everyone!

This quiz is about synonyms. It has 8 questions and in each one you have to pick from four words which one has a similar meaning.

If you do not know what a synonym is, it is a word that as the same or nearly the same meaning as another in the language. I hope you find this fun and that you can learn something new as always! Comment your results in the comments below!

  • Which is a synonym of trite?

    • untrue
    • tiny
    • lovely
    • stale
  • Which is a synonym of venue?

    • organizer
    • time
    • attempt
    • location
  • Which is a synonym of obfuscate?

    • dislike
    • embarrass
    • dig
    • confuse
  • Which is a synonym of peccadillo?

    • spoof
    • restaurant
    • garden
    • offense
  • Which is a synonym of obsequious?

    • raw
    • grouchy
    • sturdy
    • submissive
  • Which is a synonym of uncanny?

    • sour
    • fundamental
    • precise
    • strange
  • Which is a synonym of verbatim?

    • exactly
    • originally
    • clearly
    • quickly
  • Which is a synonym of docile?

    • educational
    • petty
    • immature
    • obedient

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Written by Beatriz Martins

17 year old, originally from Portugal. Passionate about traveling and photography.


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