Sing a Song About Legs

Here are some interesting songs with leg or legs in the title. Enjoy.

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    AC/DC told everyone to do this

    • Jump On Two Legs
    • Shake a Leg
    • Some Leg Shaking
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    Van Halen sang about some amazing legs

    • Drop Dead Legs
    • Stiff Legs
    • Straight Legs
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    Rod Stewart loved these kind of legs

    • Sexy Legs
    • Cute Legs
    • Hot Legs
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    Queens of the Stone Age sang about this delicious leg

    • Leg of Lamb
    • Lamb Leg Roast
    • Roast Lamb Leg
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    The Wiggles wanted everyone to do this dance

    • Spider Leg Dance
    • Dio the Daddy Longlegs
    • Dance on Spider Legs
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    Frank Zappa sang about a girl with strong legs

    • Big Big Legs
    • Legs of Muscles
    • Big Leg Emma
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    Dane Cook sang about this kind of leg

    • Robot Leg
    • Legs of Robot
    • Robot on Legs
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    Queen had an interesting song with these legs

    • Killer Legs
    • Dead;y Legs
    • Death On Two Legs


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