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What score can you get? First of many music Trivia quizes!

Welcome! Are you ready to try your luck at music Trivia? We will be posting many more music trivia quizzes over the next few weeks. This is our first one.

Guessing is always welcome!!

Thanks for taking the time to play along with our first quiz. As I said, there are more to come, with many more interesting questions.

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    1. What was the number one song on US Armed Forced Radio in 1972?

    • Heart of Gold
    • I can’t get no Satisfaction
    • Alone Again Naturally
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    2. How many groups was Stephen Stills a member of by 1972? (that had a song on the BIllboard top 100)

    • 1
    • 4
    • 7
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    3. What is the correct title of the debut album by Kansas

    • Point of Known Return
    • Point of Know Return
    • Point of No Return
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    Michael Jackson holds the honor of being the first to…

    • Have sequined gloves
    • Have Vincent Price recite part of a song
    • Sell 100 million albums
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    How many of Michael Jackson’s albums debuted in the number one spot on the Billboard charts?

    • 9
    • 12
    • 5
    • Its a trick question none of them did
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    How many number one songs did Michael Jackson have in the 1980’s?

    • 16
    • 3
    • 9
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    Why was Neil Young’s father famous?

    • Doh! He was Neil Young’s Father
    • Famous Hockey Player
    • He was a best selling author
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    Neil Young’s Song Old Man is about who?

    • His Father
    • His Grandfather
    • The man who took care of his ranch


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