Science Fiction Books Quiz

Here is a fun science fiction quiz about books and authors.

Books were chosen from my personal favorites.

Match the book to the author.


  • Who wrote Dune?

    • Douglas Adams
    • Frank Herbert
  • Who wrote Armor?

    • John Steakly
    • Philip K. Dick
  • Who wrote Nightfall?

    • George Orwell
    • Isaac Asimov
  • Who wrote Courtship Rite?

    • Donald Kingsbury
    • Arthur C. Clarke
  • Who wrote Biting the Sun?

    • Tanith Lee
    • Ray Bradbury
  • Who wrote Ender’s Game?

    • Robert Heinlein
    • Orson Scott Card
  • Who wrote The Forever War?

    • Joe Haldeman
    • William Gibson
  • Who wrote The Mote in God’s Eye?

    • Frederick Poul
    • Niven and Pournelle

What do you think?

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Written by riverwild

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