Random Questions about New Zealand

Here are a few random questions of New Zealand and it’s inhabitants. It’s about anything that is in New Zealand.

There are a wide range of subjects from birds to driving and general Knowledge about New Zealand.

  • New Zealanders drive on ?

    • Right side of the road
    • Left side of the road
  • What type of bird is this?

    • Tui
    • Takahe
    • Fantail
    • Pukako
  • The longest river in New Zealand is the Waikato River

    • True
    • False
  • This type of butterfly is?

    • Monarch Butterfly
    • The Lesser Wanderer
  • Which is New Zealand’s largest city?

    • Wellington
    • Auckland
    • Christchurch
    • Dunedin
  • The Highest mountain of New Zealand is?

    • Mt Ruapehu
    • Mt Taranaki
    • Mt Cook
  • The largest lake in New Zealand is?

    • Lake Hakanoa
    • Lake Taupo
    • Lake Kiropiro
  • There are no snakes in New Zealand?

    • True
    • False
  • The capital of New Zealand is?

    • Auckland
    • Wellington
    • Christchurch
    • Dunedin
  • What kills most people driving on the road?

    • Speed
    • Too tired to drive
    • Too much alcohol
    • All of the above

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