QUIZ: Heavens and its Happiness

Isaiah has given this promise of God to everyone who is scared through faith, “Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty; they shall behold the land that is very far off” (Isaiah 33:17). Some of us may not be able to travel around the world. We may not be able to see any of the foreign countries, but every born-again Christian by and by is going to see the land that is very far off. This is our promised land. We will leave all our pains and aches behind us, and find an everlasting health, such as can never know.

Someone asked a Christian once what he expected to do when he got to heaven. He said he expected to spend the first thousand years looking at Jesus Christ, and after that, he would look for Peter, and then for James, and for John. It won’t be the pearly gates, it won’t be the jasper walls, and the streets paved with gold that will make it heaven to us. It is being with God forever.

There is a story that a kind-hearted king was once hunting in a forest and found a blind orphan boy who was living almost like the beasts. The king was touched with pity and adopted the boy as his own, and had him taught all that can be learned by one who is blind. When the boy was 21 years old, the king, who was also a great physician, restored to the boy his sight. He then took him to his palace where surrounded by his noble and all the majesty and magnificence of his court, he proclaimed him one of his own sons and commanded all to give him their honor and love.

The once friendless orphan has become a prince and sharer in the royal dignity, the happiness, and the glory to be found in the palace of the king. Who can understand the joy that overwhelmed the soul of that young man when he first saw the king of whose beauty, goodness, and power he had heard so much! Who can know the happiness he must have felt when he saw his own princely attire and found himself adopted into the royal family – honored and loved by all.

Christ is the great and mighty king who finds our souls in the wilderness of this sinful world. He finds us as the Bible says in Revelation 3:17 “wretched and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked”. This is exactly what Christ has done for every Christian. He has adorned you with the gift of grace and adopted you as His child. A Christian life is the only happy one. “Happy is that people, whose God is the Lord” (Psalms 144:15).

This brings me to a session of question and answers on how we take the word of God. Kindly take your time and help me answer these questions that intend to ascertain our understanding of the scriptural elements shared in the above article. Your contribution is highly appreciated.

  • Question of

    According to the Bible, which is the only way to be happy?

    • Being good to others
    • Loving yourself more
    • Engaging in praise and worship
  • Question of

    According to the Bible, the man who sins out of necessity sins because?

    • He forgets it all in a moment
    • He is afraid of being unhappy
    • He does not understand the word of God
  • Question of

    According to the Bible, man is the best and noblest thing on earth because?

    • He understands how he fails to make things right
    • He was created in the image of God
    • He is the only creature with a soul
  • Question of

    According to the Bible, the only object better than ourselves is God because?

    • He is all we can be satisfied with
    • He created the heavens and the earth
    • He loves us unconditionally
  • Question of

    According to the Bible, gold does not satisfy man because?

    • It is a waste dug up out of the earth
    • It does not give true happiness
    • It provides earthly satisfaction
  • Question of

    According to the Bible, honor and praise of men does not satisfy a man because?

    • Men’s praises do not please God
    • Men’s praise do not give spiritual nourishment
    • Men’s praise do not last
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    According to the Bible, heaven is the only place to get true happiness because?

    • Heaven is far above the earth
    • There are no pain and sickness there
    • Heaven is where God himself reigns
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    According to the Bible, angels are happy in heaven because?

    • Angels are not human beings in nature
    • Angels see God all the time
    • Heaven is more beautiful than the earth.


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