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It is funny if you play with the letters You can make a meaningful sentence from those letters. Try to pick any word from the four given and make a sentence. Share the sentence you make. Compare it with the one given. Which one makes a somehow sensible sentence? Here we go. Bon voyage.

  • Question of

    Which of the following is the most likely to begin a sentence on virily?

    • Virily
    • Very
    • Vexed
    • Verified
  • Question of

    Which word fits virily very well?

    • Idiotic
    • Independent
    • Ideal
    • Rejected
  • Question of

    We can term virily as…

    • Reliable
    • Rejected
    • Repellant
    • Remourse
  • Question of

    Which word is very good for this site

    • Irrelevant
    • Irregular
    • Imperfect
    • Important
  • Question of

    We are in virily because it is…

    • Lonesome
    • Lovable
    • Loothsome
    • Living
  • Question of

    Which word will mean, up to or till the specified time?

    • Yet
    • Yes
    • Yearly
    • Yearning
  • Question of

    Virily is very….to use

    • Confusing
    • Comfortable
    • Complainable
    • Creamy
  • Question of

    The layout of virily is….

    • Objective
    • Organized and well
    • Overlapping
    • Official
  • Question of

    The virily site is well….

    • Meaningful site
    • Magical site
    • Mean site
    • Managed site


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