Paleolithic Quiz

Here is a quiz on the Paleolithic era.

When did humans evolve? How long did the Paleolithic last? Test your knowledge on the Paleolithic era, and see how much you know.

Have fun and enjoy!

  • When did the Paleolithic start?

    • 2.6 million years ago
    • 50,000 years ago
  • When did the Paleolithic end?

    • 6500 years ago
    • 10,000 years ago
  • The Paleolithic is distinguished by

    • Development of stone tools
    • Development of agriculture
  • The Paleolithic is followed by

    • Mesolithic
    • Neolithic
  • The first art appears where?

    • Europe
    • South Africa
  • During the Paleolithic, humans are thought to have evolved from

    • Homo habilis
    • Neanderthals
  • Did paleolithic humans bury their dead?

    • Yes
    • No
  • When did Paleolithic humans reach Japan?

    • 60,000 years ago
    • 30,000 years ago

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