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Norway Trivia Quiz – PART 1

Test your mad Norwegian skills! How well do you know Norway? Would you like the second part?

  • What is the capital of Norway?

    • Helsinki
    • Oslo
    • Trondheim
    • Washington, D.C.
    • Kirkenes
  • The currency of Norway is the…

    • Pound
    • Euro
    • Deutsche mark
    • Krone
    • Nordikyn
  • Norway is not a member of…

    • The European Union (EU)
    • The United Nations (UN)
    • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
    • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
    • World Trade Organization (WTO)
  • How large is Norway, in terms of geographic area?

    • 64,876 square miles (smaller than Florida)
    • 98,533 square miles (about the size of Oregon)
    • 11,022 square miles (a little larger than Massachusetts)
    • 267,394 square miles (a bit smaller than Texas)
    • 125,182 square miles (slightly larger than New Mexico)
  • Norway has which type of government?

    • Democratic republic
    • Grand duchy
    • Constitutional monarchy
    • Oligarchy
    • Theocracy
  • What is the population of Norway?

    • 1,422,687 (about the same as Maine)
    • 4,660,539 (almost that of Alabama)
    • 807,413 (similar to South Dakota)
    • 37,961,664 (approximately that of California)
    • 12,351,752 (close to Pennsylvania)
  • Who are the leaders of Norway?

    • King Dag IV and Prime Minister Tore Schei
    • King Harald V and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg
    • King Ludwig II and Prime Minister Knut Hamsun
    • King Edvard X and Prime Minister Aasmund Vinje
    • King Olav III and Prime Minister Aksel Sandemose
  • Which Norwegian playwright created the character Hedda Gabler, considered by many critics to be the “female Hamlet”?

    • Sigrid Undset
    • Henrik Ibsen
    • Alexander Kielland
    • Cora Sandel
    • Jostein Gaarder

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