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MS-DOS/Windows Functions Keys Quiz

In your computer or laptop keyboard, there are 12 functions keys. In every key, it has a separate operation or function especially when you are writing a document in the MS Word or MS Excel.

You have been using the keyboard keys as often as you could but those functions keys like F1 to F12 you may or you may not using them. If you know their functions, it would make your computer or encoding work easy.

I have selected 10 functions keys which are very useful and make your typing job easy.

Take your time and enjoy the fun.

  • F1

    • open new document
    • key for help
    • key for refresh
  • F2

    • access file
    • repeat previous action
    • reload the page
  • F3

    • move to the next paragraph
    • copy previous words
    • highlight the paragraph
  • Shift+F3

    • center the text
    • indent the sentence
    • search backwards
  • Ctrl+F3

    • delete the text
    • find highlighted text
    • select all
  • Alt+F4

    • exit
    • open task manager
    • show properties
  • F5

    • exit the page
    • reload page
    • highlight the page
  • F6

    • move backward
    • move downward
    • move to next pane
  • F7

    • find document
    • check spelling
    • return to previous to first paragraph
  • F10

    • create new document
    • save document
    • menu bar

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