Me Elmo!

Just how much do you know about Elmo? Let’s put it to the test.

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    What is Elmo’s super power?

    • He can read Big Birds mind
    • He has a birthday every year, but gets to be 3 1/2 forver?
  • Question of

    Elmo has a dad. What is his name?

    • Kevin
    • Louie
  • Question of

    Elmo has a goldfish. Her name is ..

    • Dorothy
    • Goldie
  • Question of

    Elmo lives at 123 Sesame Street..on what floor?

    • 5th floor
    • 3rd floor
  • Question of

    Elmo has two best friends, they are..

    • Zoey and Big Bird
    • Zoey and Grover
  • Question of

    Elmo had his own show. It was called

    • Elmo’s World
    • Tickle Me Elmo
  • Question of

    Elmo’s very special talent is

    • Singing
    • Tap dancing
  • Question of

    Elmo’s favorite game is

    • tag
    • Hide and seek


What do you think?


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