Test yourself. The UN (United Nations) is the best-known of all global quangos and international development organisations. Use this quiz to find out more about the acronyms which are used globally to refer to various top international development quangos and world regulatory agencies.

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    The popular word and acronym, Quango, is well-used to denote many global development organisations. What does the acronym, “Quango”, stand for?

    • Quality Autonomous Non Government Organisation
    • Quasi Autonomous Non Governmental Organisation
    • Quality Associated National Governments Organisation
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    Which International Development organisation does the acronym, WHO, stand for?

    • World Hospitality Organisation
    • World Health Organisation
    • Workers Hospitality Organisation
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    In International Development work, which global organisation does the acronym, WEF, stand for, or represent?

    • World Economic Forum
    • World Education Foundation
    • Workers Employment Forum
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    Which global finance development organisation, with its headquarters in Washington DC, does the acronym, IMF, represent/belong to?

    • International Monetary Forum
    • International Money Foundation
    • International Monetary Fund
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    In global development regulatory work, which International quango/organisation does the acronym, ISO, stand for?

    • International Organisation for Systems
    • International Organisation for Services
    • International Organisation for Standardisation
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    In International Development work, which organisation does this acronym, WFP, stand for?

    • World Funds Programme
    • World Fish Programme
    • World Food Programme
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    Which international development quango/organisation with the acronym, WTO, provides global regulatory work between countries?

    • World Technology Organisation
    • World Trade Organisation
    • World Tariffs Organisation
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    Which UN international development quango/organisation does the acronym, UNESCO, stand for?

    • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
    • United Nations Economic, Scientific and Cultural Organization
    • United Nations Educational Services and Children Organization
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    Which international development relief quango does the acronym, IRC, stand for, or represent?

    • International Rescue Consortium
    • International Red Cross
    • International Relief Confederation
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    In global regulatory work, which international development organisation (quango) does the acronym, WIPO, stand for?

    • World Intelligence Protection Organisation
    • World Intellectual Property Organisation
    • World Intelligence Patents Organisation


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