Guess the animal Game

Have you been paying attention in science lessons? Do you know your animals well?

Well, challenge yourself in this game, whereby I’ll be describing (to my best effort) an animal and your job is to guess what I’m describing…

  • Question of

    People use me to describe someone not sleeping enough… I give birth to my young alive… I WAS on the endangered list.

    • Zebra
    • Panda
    • Pig
    • Whale
  • Question of

    I’m on the Chinese Zodiac… I was a form of transport… I’m use to measure power.

    • Pig
    • Cow
    • Horse
    • Eagle
  • Question of

    I appear in fairytale…I’ve no legs when I was young…I can be really poisonous

    • Frog
    • Snake
    • Octopus
    • Mudskipper
  • Question of

    A country is named after me… I’m a big cat… Vist me in Africa or Eurasia…

    • Tiger
    • Lion
    • Leopard
    • Cat
  • Question of

    I’m a large marine mammal… Some of us are endangered… I’m hunted for my meat, oil and blubber…

    • Shark
    • Sardine
    • Dolphin
    • Whale
  • Question of

    I’m very loyal… I work with the police … I can live for about 10-13 years…

    • Cat
    • Dog
    • Rabbit
    • Pigeon
  • Question of

    I’m being poached for my teeth… I’m huge… I lie a lot, that’s why my nose…

    • Elephant
    • Anteater
    • Sloth
    • Pig
  • Question of

    I’ve herbivorous diet, I’ve horn(s), a part of me is being used as Traditional Chinese Medicine…

    • Narwhal
    • Bison
    • Rhinoceros
    • Antelopes
  • Question of

    I’m mostly omnivore, I’ve nothing to do with the internet although I make web, I can be deadly…

    • Snake
    • Bee
    • Spider
    • Butterfly


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