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General Knowledge Quiz 3

This is the third quiz of general knowledge from my virtual workshops.  Many people think quiz is easy create but it’s not. You need to find information from all areas but they can’t be to specialized or hard, especially if it’s quiz of general knowledge. If it’s specialized quiz from some area than you can choose somethng rare. Also, in general knowledge quizzes you need to cover more areas, not only one.

Good luck and enjoy the quiz. Write your results in the comment.

  • The most popular Microsoft product is

    • Windows OS
    • App Store
  • Godzilla is the name of a popular

    • plant
    • monster
  • The Chinese currency is called

    • renminbi
    • jen
  • Leonardo da Vinci died in

    • 1619.
    • 1519.
  • The chemical element, brown in color, easily flexible and excellent current conductor is

    • copper
    • iron
  • Continue the sequence: Venus, Earth, Mars

    • Jupiter
    • Saturn
  • The drama director “The cat on the hot tin roof” is

    • Alfred Hitchcock
    • Richard Brooks
  • The first song that crossed the one billion views on Youtube is

    • Gangam Style
    • Despacito

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Written by mrki

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