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Energy: Physic

Energy is one of the major resources on Earth. Everything can disappear, but energy can not. Due to increased energy consumption, we are increasingly searching for new sources of energy and trying to reduce the energy consumption of our appliances. Energy sources are divided into non-renewable, such as petroleum or coal, and renewable, e.g solar or water. In this quiz, check your energy knowledge and in the commentary write in what ways you are trying to save energy.

  • Question of

    What energy does a bird have while flying?

    • kinetic
    • no energy
  • Question of

    1 kJ is equal to

    • 1000 J
    • 0.001 J
  • Question of

    The energy that the body has due to the action of elastic force is called

    • gravitational potential energy
    • elastic potential energy
  • Question of

    Energy is _______________ because it can not disappear.

    • preserved
    • lost
  • Question of

    The ability of the body to do the work is called

    • force
    • energy
  • Question of

    We pay monthly for each month

    • electric current
    • electric energy
  • Question of

    Kinetic energy is proportional to speed.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    The first bird flies at 3 meters height and the other at 2.5 meters. Which bird has more potential energy?

    • Yes
    • No


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