Ancient Foods-Domestication Quiz

Here is a quiz on ancient plant and food animal domestication.

How much do you know about when and where the first foods were domesticated by humans? Test your knowledge, and see how you score.

Have fun and enjoy!

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    What is the first domesticated grain?

    • Corn
    • Rye
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    What is the first domesticated food animal?

    • Sheep
    • Cow
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    When were the first grains and pulses domesticated?

    • 26000 years ago
    • 12000 years ago
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    Where were the first plants and animals domesticated?

    • The Middle East
    • South America
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    Bees have been domesticated for honey for

    • 9000 years
    • 3500 years
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    Which were domesticated first?

    • Pecans
    • Olives
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    Which area has no local domesticated plants?

    • Australia
    • North Africa
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    Which has been used for thousands of years to ferment beer?

    • Yeast
    • Bee pollen


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