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Zephyranthes Are Having A Hay Day

These lilies are also called rain lilies, these lilies bloom all over the fields a few days after a thunder shower. They comes mainly in three colors pink, yellow and white. But I have also seen lilies in peach, orange and lighter shades of these colors sold by garden outlets here at exorbitant prices.

They get their name from the the Greek God of the west wind, Zephyr. Their slender stalks waving in the wind looks so inviting. The usually bloom all at once making large fields look like carpets of flowers. We also locally call them football field lilies. They grow all around cricket or football grounds. They spread easily and tend to occupy large areas of meadows and fields.

They belong to the Amaryllis family even though they are called lilies.  You could force bloom these plants in the tropical regions by making them go through a period of drought and then giving them plenty of water.

These plants are non fussy and don’t need any attention at all.

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