Your favorite Movie genre and the not-so-favorite one

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Most of us have strong likes and dislikes towards various movie genres. For  instance, I know lots of my friends who love animation. For some reason, I do not like animation and the only way to make me watch one is by tying me onto a chair. Additionally, one should also find a way to make sure that I don’t close my eyes. I get scared big time while watching horror movies to the extent that I would cover my face with both the hands. Yet I love watching horror movies for the sheer thrill. I know many people who hate horror movies. Comedy and Romance may have universal appeal but I am sure there could be some folks who may dislike both. So, please take the poll to answer the movie genre that you love and the one that you hate the most. It would be also great if you can share the reasons for your choice under the comments section.

  • Question of

    I would love to watch movies in this genre

    • Comedy
    • Romance
    • Period films
    • Family drama
  • Question of

    I would never see a movie in this genre

    • Sci fi
    • Horror
    • Action
    • Animation


What do you think?


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  1. I love romantic movies and films with philosophical ideas about life, destiny, good and evil (prefer as little evil as possible), motivational to go on living.
    Hate stupid and vulgar comedies, choose ones with refined humour and without overacting.
    Sometimes I love to watch science fiction and documentary about space.

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