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In one of my favorite books the author is trying to create a sense of a conversation she has heard or been involved with. In the beginning it really bothered me. Then I realized her whole point. Her book is a conversation and if you read it aloud and in “parts” it simply comes to life. If you can get a friend or partner to read the other part, it is simply delightful.

The Book is “Loving What Is” Four questions that can change your life. I wish I could say that I only bought the book once. But I have purchased and worn out several copies for myself and given away at least 100 copies.  I love the book that much.  And in many ways it really has changed my life.

The first question that is asked as “the work” is this

“Is it true?”

It seems like a simple question, and when it comes of self awareness, determining truth is not so easy.  This is exactly how the work begins.

You: might say: “I am smart”

Me: “Is it  true?”

Then it would be your turn to evaluate and answer the question.

So now you know the first question.”Is it true?”

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