Why doctors have such bad handwriting?

It is a said, It is necessary to have a degree and also bad handwriting in order to become a doctor. It is not that people with bad handwriting have the desire and ability to become a doctor.One such opinion is that doctors have to write a lot more quickly and writing necessary for doctors.

According to Dr. Ruth M. Brocato, if someone has to write 10 to 12 hours a day, then it’s very difficult to have a good handwriting and constantly writing hands become tired.

Genesis Pain Center and Pain Management and MD Dr. Asher Goldstein said, The handwriting of the doctors gets worse because the hands are tired due to the size of the hand, therefor It is not possible that Handwriting can be made beautiful. If the doctor gets an opportunity to take an hour to every patient, he can certainly write slowly. The average doctor gives every patient is 15 minutes, So in an hour he writes 4 patients history and prescription for him.

According to Dr.Thom , if you have to write a difficult word and do not even have automatic checks or dictionaries to check it, what will you do, surely you will drag it down and write it so that they can hide the mistake and doctors have so many difficult terms in this context and It is a difficult task to remember including spelling. Some terms are such that due to shortage of time whose abbreviation are used. As ‘QD’ means one in the day, and ‘TID’ means three times a day. People at the medical store are aware of all these terms.

The smallest mistake in the medical prescription can also make a major loss. According to a report published in 2006, more than 7,000 people went to death due to error in the prescription. The hospitals are now adopting innovation to adopt electronic records, which may reduce the error in prescription and writing with the hands of doctors can not be terminated despite having electronic records

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