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Why do we sleep badly when we are not in our bed?

Strangling the bed is a recurring thing among people who sleep outside the home. But there is a scientific reason for this.

When a person sleeps in a bed that is not his own, half of the brain remains alert during the night, making the person not sleep as well or as comfortably as if he were at home.

A part of the brain remains on alert so that it is possible to wake up as quickly as necessary. However, normalcy returns as the days go by in the new location.

  • Do you sleep badly when you are not in your bed?

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    • No


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  1. I can’t answer the poll because my answer is Yes and No. For me it depends.
    If it’s on someone else house, I might have not slept as easy as when I sleep on my own bed.
    But I never have a problem if it’s in a public place like hotels. I can sleep really well.


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