If you are thinking about the present situation, with factory closures, quarantine, hunger, and violence and how it makes your stomach turn, then DON’T! Don’t allow your stomach to turn, that is. Evil as the world is right now, with rampant greed and mind-boggling poverty existing side by side, dwindling resources and gigantic consumption, going hand-in-hand and record unemployment, threatening to precipitate even greater mass-social unrest around the world – it is still God’s world.

 Thank God it is! Human beings may be making a horrendous mess of most things, but God is at work as well. He has not abandoned his world, nor is he likely to do so. Paul reminded Titus that for the Christian, this life is full of hope, it is not a hope generated by admiring the ingenuity of the human race to solve its problems. It is not a superficial hope gained from ignoring reality and resorting to escapism so that Christians can gather and just jolly each other up with religious euphoria. 

It is hope derived from a deep belief that God has acted in and through Jesus Christ and he is continuing his saving work. It is, even further, the conviction that, finally, God will ultimately make his salvation and kingly rule visible on earth. We need to know, however how many weeds may be growing in the garden, there are seeds of truth. love and righteousness steadily growing as well and one day soon the harvest will happen. Us humans, will solve many of their physical problems and even some of our human ones as well. But above and beyond it all, there is the lord of time and of eternity and he is bringing his saving purposes to fruition, so, fill up with Hope.

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  1. For God so LOVED THE WORLD, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. However, when we arrogantly attempt to control life for others and try to control our behavior and feelings through a set of selfish, rigid expectations of them. We, by chasing that self-made ideal, we don’t live up to it, those very failed actions judge us. If we dig deeply into all aspects of self-judgment we’ll find an internal adolescent dictator telling us to assume dominion over others, and in that single decision, the dye of failure is cast.

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