Who will win the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup?

In the National Hockey League, history will be made as the Vegas Golden Knights will take on the Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup. This Cup will be the first time that an expansion team (Vegas) will be playing for the championship in the NHL. However, will the Golden Knights complete the Cinderella story or will Alexander Ovechkin cement his status as one of the greatest hockey players ever?  Let me know who you think will win.

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    Who will win the 2018 Stanley Cup?

    • Vegas Golden Knights
    • Washington Capitals
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    Who will be the Conn Smythe MVP?

    • Marc-Andre Fleury
    • Braden Holtby
    • Alexander Ovechkin


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  1. Although many sports fans who believe that due to the infamous shooting in Las Vegas, the Knights would win the Stanley Cup. However I was hoping the Capitals won win so Alex Ovechkin would have a Stanley Cup on his resume.