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Who is your favorite character from the movie “Titanic”?

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Titanic was a grand romantic movie made in the year 1997. The story revolved around a tragic accident that happened in 1912 when the passenger liner RMS Titanic sank. The director James Cameron has managed to make human emotions and love as the main drivers. Titanic ship helped in building the hype and in marketing the movie better.  More than twenty years later,  the song “my heart will go on” sung by Celine Dion is as captivating as it was during the film’s release. The hero, heroine, villain and heroine’s mother are the main characters in the movie. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet gained immense popularity from the lead roles they played. Even Frances Fisher and Billy Zane utilized the opportunity well by playing their negative roles very well. Who is your most favorite actor from the movie?

  • Who do you like the most in “Titanic”?

    • Kate Winslet playing Rose DeWitt Bukater
    • Leonardo DiCaprio playing Jack Dawson
    • Frances Fisher playing Ruth Dewitt Bukater
    • Billy Zane playing Caledon Hockley


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