Which Comes First?

We had a thunderstorm the other night. They usually come during this time of the year and would last perhaps until July.

The next morning, I overheard some neighbors discussing something about the thunder and lightning. One person said there were times that the thunder came first before the lightning… my left eye-brow rose. Then I heard another voice said something that when that happens the tide will rise! Now my eye-brows met at the center of my forehead!

To think I knew the second voice came from someone who finished college! But I think they believed more on superstitions than science.I knew since my childhood days that thunder is the sound created when the lightning strikes. Oh my! Pardon their ignorance…

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    Which comes first?

    • Thunder
    • Lightning
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    You can tell how far the lightning is by listening for the thunder after it struck, right?

    • Yes


What do you think?

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    • yup. That’s the case.
      Probably, since there was a thunderstorm that night, the heard the thunder of an earlier lightning strike, then another lightning strike followed.

      To their perception, thunder came first.

    • hehe… Yes! Then multiply the count by 300 ( or 343 if you want to be exact) to estimate the distance of the strike.

      I’ve been doing that when I was working in a company with multiple locations. We installed point-to-multi-point wireless network. And one of the antennae that serve as a repeater is up on a hill. So I’ve been counting after the flash and hoping it won’t be within 10 to 15 counts. And praying it won’t hit near the antennae, hehe..,

        • They say if you hear the thunder 5 seconds after then the lightning strike was far.
          If it’s 3 counts or less then it’s near…
          If you heard the thunder right after the thunder then it’s really really close…

          But if you saw the flash then heard nothing, then you are…


          • funny, normally fried.

            we used to count equity flash to boom, the higher the number the further away. It isn’t reliable – but it was fun.

            I have a weather station now, that can tell me how far the lightning was away.


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