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What is nutritious food?

With the mention of burgers and fries or pizza what comes to mind is the term junk food. Why were they called junk food, those that you order from the fast food outlets? First, they are oily and second they can make you fat. That is the essence of junk food. But if it is about the oily I guess it is not really unhealthy at all provided you don’t eat junk food every day.

Some people go for fish and vegetables as their nutritious food. But are they really nutritious? One nutritionist said that fish is healthier to eat then meat but meat has the protein the the body needs. With vegetables, you need strength from the meat as well. That means nutrition depends on what your body needs. If you are not an athlete then you can go with vegetables and fish. Or maybe with some meat too.

  • Do you eat nutritious food?

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Written by Alex Socorro


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