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Wednesday Shadow – shadows on the beach

With all due respect, we should watch the rising sun. It reminds us that we will not see the sunrises forever.

How greedily we should gather the rays of light from the good examples we have seen in life. Let leave all the shadows behind us.

Oh, that mysterious wave of light during the day! When all things and people around us are so overwhelmed with anxiety, let us take a close look at the time – how much majesty there is.

Let us look at the majesty of light and dusk. Let us patiently accept that day’s scroll. It makes us tired of its monotony. But isn’t that the daily beauty we’re given?

The letters of time teach us the rhythm of a quiet life, they constantly encourage us to go for the joy of life and seek refreshment. And our hearts are beating so fast! 

Let our hearts hear that divine, calm rhythm of all colors of the day and all its shadows. 

Photo from Thailand for Wednesday Shadow challenge.

Fortune, 2009


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