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We no longer see this scene

Both Lolly and Pinkie no longer play together although Pinkie invites Lolly for a game but he no longer shows interest. 

Lolly is wise  He is now a big cat and no more wants to play those silly games and that is what he is perhaps thinking.

Instead we now have Lolly’s little brother Peppy and Pinkie’s baby  at it.  No doubt I feel sad that Pinkie and Lolly do not play any more but now we see those little kittens providing us the entertainment. 

Cats know it all.  All about when to stop breast feeding and when to leave the kittens alone to fend for themselves…….the list is endless. 

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  1. Cats are the smartest. Your cats surely know how to live and let go. Runt, my cat is far from knowing what to do as at 6 years old, he is still a nutty cat wanting to play, teasing people out of their chair so he can grab it for his own etc. Etc. But that is what makes him and all other cats so endearing to us…

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