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Wake up your inner child

Watch life through the eyes of a child. It’s an art we are able to learn. For example, playing with kids, dogs, cats or just being alone. Playing as if no one around you exists, as if no one was watching, admiring or condemning you, judging, writing down the grades for right or wrong behavior.

We so often love to spoil our lives. We look at ourselves by the eyes of others, forget the pink-rescuer-eyed glasses somewhere deep in the drawer of life and better wear diopter-enhanced glasses of strangers.

We forget to play, we forget to live. After all, the antidote to the dust and misery of life’s routine is here for free – the innocent childish joy you need to awaken in yourself.

This is what I wish for this Monday- wake up and play life, wake up your inner child. 

© Fortune, 2009

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Written by Fortune


  1. I love looking at my youngest son who plays innocently, even alone, walking, laughing, enjoying what he have. Just merely looking at them takes my breath away, how they enjoy life, so simple yet very fulfilling.

  2. When I am with my grandchildren I am a child. That’s why my relatives and acquaintances say to me, “Crazy baby grandmother Lenche.”????