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Nothing can get wackier than Zoe our little girl. She is so attached to me that when I call out to her no matter where she is or in which position she is in, she will turn around to look at me and dash from there to me.

She was scratching herself yesterday when I called out to her she moved her head backward at this crazy angle to see me. She almost lost her balance and fell down but just at the last minuted she found a way to gain her balance.

Oftentimes it is difficult to find balance in life. We get carried away with work or hobbies or even home affairs and lose balance. It is important to check ourselves before we fall. Personally I feel it is important to keep my balance. I like being me, balanced , clear and unmoved, It is important to know when you are getting out of whack and correct yourself.

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    Is it easy for you to maintain your balance all the time?

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    Doesn’t Zoe look weird this way?


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