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Vitamin C for stronger body immunity

It doesn’t mean that you cannot be contaminated by the corona virus if you have a strong immunity. However, when the body has strong immunity, it is not easy to be infected, at least that is the opinion of some doctors. And since vitamin C is really good for the body much more that there is no side effect for the overdose, people are grabbing all the vitamin C in the pharmacy.

For me, vitamin C is best to be taken from the fruits. I am averse to the pills, tablets and even syrup. I prefer to eat fruits like the star fruit in the picture above, guava, lemonade from lemon and even green mangoes. Not to forget that we always have orange juice for breakfast. With that array of vitamin C, I think I am well equipped against the virus.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. I love drinking orange juice in the morning. I used to take vitamin C pills a long time ago. Now, I use drops to put in my orange juice and have my multivitamins and another pill along with one of my medicines. I think I do take vitamin C pills and I cannot get in and change no to a yes.

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