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Vegetables for stronger immunity

With the present issue of the covid-19 virus, it seems that people are getting creative with ways and means on how to go along with a safe life from getting contaminated. There was the rush for vitamin C and also the fruits. Now, it is the turn of the vegetables for they say that eating the leafy green and other vegetables will give us a good blood circulation and also an increased immunity against diseases.

It may be true in a sense that vegetables are good for the body. But with the corona virus, we can never tell if the vegetables have a good effect against the virus that we wouldn’t be contaminated. It remains to be seen.

  • Do you eat vegetables everyday?

    • Yes
    • No
    • sometimes


What do you think?

Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. I have to answer that question better here. I do not grow my own vegetables. I go to the store and get them. I make a salad and get cans of things that I eat on our Jewish Sabbath starting on Friday and they usually last till Monday. I usually do not eat vegetables unless make something and use them in between that time.

  2. I believe in fruit & vegetables every day, without we can not live well. I know of 2 friends who died in an early grave, they did not like fruit and vegetables.
    I strongly believe in eating these daily.

    I am also one who would like a sustainable life style by growing my own.

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