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Tower for water reservoir

We call it water tank which is a depository of tap water. The reason for having a water tank is the unstable water pressure in the tap. When the pressure is low, the water couldn’t flow to the second floor much more if the house has a higher story or level. The solution is to install a water tank or build a tower for the water reservoir. Of course, an electric pump is needed so the water can be pushed up to the height of the tower.

The installation of the piping would then be connected to the water tank instead of the pipe coming from the source. The filling up of the water tank is once a day or even once every 2 days as per our experience. But we have water in the house every time with consistent pressure with the help of gravity. No more tap water issues.

  • Do you have water in the tap?

    • Yes
    • No
    • The pressure is low in the morning


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Written by Alex Socorro

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