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They are a brother and sister

I have talked about these two earlier but this photo I felt like sharing with you.

Lolly and Pinkie are brother and sister.  Lolly was a kitten when he came with his mother but Pinkie was born here in our guest bedroom.

Ever since their mother left them they are attached to each other.  They do everything together.  This is a bin where I throw unwanted paper   They have now made it their resting place and this cuddle I thought should be captured as a memory as soon they will grow up and be independent of each other.

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Written by grace


    A kitty poem for your page:
    Cats Sleep Anywhere
    Cats sleep Anywhere Any table Any chair Top of pianos Window ledge In the middle On the edge Open drawer Empty shoe Any body’s Lap will do
    Fitted in a Cardboard box In the cupboard With your frocks Anywhere
    THEY don’t care Cats sleep Anywhere

    By Eleanor Farjeon

    • Cute poem.

      They do that here too except my lap These two refuse to let me touch them but they follow me everywhere and circle my legs too.