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The United Nations must be brought into the Iran/United States dispute

Donald Trump has long been known to be an admirer of Sir Winston Churchill, who was a major player in the Allied victory over Nazism in World War Two. 

He might therefore bear in mind Churchill’s wise words that “Jaw Jaw is always better than War War”. In the current circumstances, that means invoking the agency of the Security Council of the United Nations, where it might be hoped that a peaceful solution can be found to an otherwise extremely dangerous situation following the assassination of Iran’s top general on the direct orders of the American President.

There is another remark of Sir Winston’s that comes to mind, namely that “The Americans will always do the right thing – once they have tried all the alternatives”. Let’s hope that this does not come true – in terms of trying the alternatives, that is – before Trump sees sense.

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    Should the United Nations be involved quickly?

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    Are you optimistic that a peaceful outcome will be found?

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  1. It is a situation where the UN can help and where we really don’t know what can happen. However, I do not think it will be a war but it will be a difficult situation to deal with for some time to come

  2. I think it would naive to imagine that either side would take much notice of the UN in the current environment. Sadly that organisation, founded on such noble principles, has shown itself to be utterly ineffectual when the going gets rough.
    While very few, outside his fanatical base, will mourn the passing of this blood-soaked butcher, I very much doubt, based on Trump’s past record, that the latter has given even five minutes’ thought to the complex consequences which may ensue from this action.
    I love that last Churchill quote: “The Americans will always do the right thing – once they have tried all the alternatives” 😀

    • The UN only works if the parties are sensitive to world opinion, and we have seen – in many previous examples – that that cannot be taken for granted. However, the formal expression of that opinion should at least be allowed, especially if former allies are seen to take a line that contradicts that of one of the parties involved.

      However, I certainly agree with your comment on Trump’s lack of foresight.

  3. An apology – I had no idea that the second question would offer two Yesses and two Nos! I tried several times to get this right in draft form before publishing the Poll, but Virily’s appalling software still managed to make a complete pig’s ear of it! Sorry!