The thing called ghost

One question that remains to be answered – do you believe in ghosts? To be frank, I am skeptical about it. When it is Halloween the tv shows would mostly be scary or horror. Ghost stories would be all around. But what I usually hear are just stories and no one had ever presented solid proof.

There are the so called spirit questors who claim that they can not only see ghosts but also communicate with ghosts. That is really amazing if that is true. But come to think about it, isn’t it ghosts are just invented by the creative minds of the olden times?

  • Are you afraid of ghosts?

    • Yes


What do you think?

Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. My whole family had the possibility of contacting with the world beyond. I inherited this talent. I have seen, heard, and felt the most unusual things. I am glad to have the possibility of contact it makes me feel good to know spirits are around. It has also given me the possibility of contacting with my late husband. I believe and I do not fear,

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