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The story of our dog Barbie

Our policy at home is to have only 2 dogs because more than that will be a problem with the caring. But when the vet offered us one of her newly-born puppies, my wife couldn’t resist when she saw the picture. I couldn’t protest because it is a shame to refuse the vet. To make the story short, we got the puppy when it was 2 months old and just used the name Barbie which the vet gave her.

Our 2 other dogs are both male and we immidiately noticed that Barbie is not intimidated albeit it seems that the 2 older dogs are the ones intimidated. In the course of time, it was confirmed that Barbie became the dominant of our dogs. Maybe she knows that she is our favorite so she became a spoiled brat. But since she is so cute so it is all right with us if she is capricious.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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