The start of the new week

And have you noticed that strangers’ compliments and praise are kinder to our ears and ego than our close people? Subconsciously and unintentionally.

And if strangers reprove and criticize us, is it less painful and less offensive, or at least we do not show that we got offended than when we hear a stricter, albeit correct, word from close ones?

And you want to shine brighter outside of your home than being at home, right? That’s how we’re infantile vanity attendees, and there’s nothing to wonder about. In your own land and in your family, you will not be a prophet; it is banal but true. Because we accept each other for granted, as a matter of course, why to put effort?!

But we should try. Even more for our loved ones than for the sake of strangers, because they are likely to be the only suns to warm us up when we really don’t have what to boast about and are at their lowest point of glory.

When you come home, and if anyone meets you there, look at the person as if you were seeing for the first time and the one you had been waiting for all your life, who illuminated your world and lit the inner light within you.

I wish bright thoughts and bright people next to you at the start of the new week.

© Fortune, 2020

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