The Silvery Moon and the Golden Sun

This poem was inspired by this picture taken many moons ago. I hope you like it.

Cloaked in the silver light,

The world glistened  steely bright,

The palms shivered in pure delight,

Proclaiming the return of the queen of night,

Singing songs to the drum beat,

Of swaying tree trunks in the breeze!

Chrome domed mountains guffawed blissfully,

Causing the vines to quiver endlessly.

We’ve won, we’ve won,” hollered the reeds

“Against the sun’s harsh light and heat,

The river gurgled cynically,

“Have you seen me become molten gold,

In the shimmering light of the setting sun,

What chance does the cold and clammy moon,

Have against the stately one? ”

The reeds responded in one clear voice,

“Have you seen us writhe and wither,

And fall as dead at your feet?

Have you noticed how the sun,

Makes every droplet of life retreat?

The Sun’s warmth, we do need,

And the moon light to us lead,

In our chosen paths so fine and free,

To live and love happily!

© 2020 _ Sofs aka Dawn

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Written by Dawn


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